Merge, Intersect and exclude functions

I use SketchupPro for my business and opted to use uMake rather than Shapr3D as it has a similar interface and is also compatible.
There are some functions that would be great if they were carried across to this App.

Whilst I’m still getting to grips with this app a great addition would be the ability to merge geometry so that models can be joined, particularly lofted surfacing.
Equally, the ability to extrude shapes through an existing model I have a complex extrusion that I’m modelling and want to carry out a simple mitre at each end. Being able to intersect a plan and then delete the unwanted section would be great.

Thank you for the suggestions @YaboDesign!

These are definitely on our roadmap and high on our “to-do” list. We will focus on these functions sometime soon. Would also be helpful if you can share some of your designs to demonstrate in which use-cases these functions could be helpful.