Lines between layers mixing surfaces!


I’m used to work with multiple layers to have different parts being draw separately, to later integrate it…

But I’m facing a terrible situation even with layers hidden!

Ex.: If I draw a rectangle, inside a box (in other layer, not visible) and if I move that rectangle to some position where crosses one of the borders of the box (or any other line) and move it again, it mess up the box… I tried even locking the layer containing the box.

Any idea about that?

Best Regards,

Hi Reiner,

As intersected lines are automatically connect to each other, hence affecting each other, our recommendation would be to group them before moving them to intersect with another object/line. This way they will behave as “parts” rather than an editable geometry.

We will add an option to edit these groups without the need to ungroup them hopefully sometime soon.

Let me know if this helps.