How to add text to my design

I’d like to create text that can be extruded and added on a surface either embossed or ‘sticking out’ on the surface. Is there a text function? Do I need to import and then add to my object?
Thank you.

Hi @Gambum,

Currently, there’s no Text tool available in uMake.

That said, with the latest update it’s easier to import vector files, such as .SVG, just make sure to convert the text to outline/curves. Once imported, some adjustments would be required because of the differences in the graphic engines of each app.

Here are 2 workarounds:

On the iPad using Affinity Designer: You can create vector texts using Affinity Designer and import it to uMake, here’s a video workflow to demonstrate it:

On Desktop using Adobe Illustrator: Add a text, make sure to “Create Outlines” and import your SVG into uMake.

Hope that helps.

Thank you,