Blender OBJ groups

Before commiting to yet another subscription (which adds up quickly btw) I want to make sure, umake is the right tool for the job.

i have some designs in umake and I group them for each object. i then export as OBJ and import into the latest blender (mac, high sierra). unfortunately the groups are not recognized and i end up with around 800 objects which makes working in blender with this impossible and cumbersome.

so: does umake export obj with groups? if so why does blender not accept those? if no: what other export can I use.

without grouping umake is pretty much useless to me. as I read somewhere else: exporting colors in obj does not work yet. when will it work, any ETA on this?

thanks for making an otherwise good tool.

Thank you for writing to us, @jensgruen!

As for groups when exporting to OBJ - I’ll check that with our developers and explore this addition. If it’s an easy addition/something we can do in a short amount of time, we will add it to our upcoming tasks.

Same thing for preserving colors when exporting to OBJ.

Thank you for your patience.